2019 Workshop Schedule

Tech Help Clinic

Location: Senior Learners, Inc.

Day Date Time
Wed Jan 16 10:00 – 12:00
Tue Apr 30 10:00 – 12:00
Are you a new Mac, iPad or iPhone user? Do you need help with a problem? These free clinics are unstructured help sessions where you can drop in and ask questions about your hardware and software. You will get a chance to discuss problems that you are having so that everyone can learn and share information.

Master Your Mac

Location: Senior Learners, Inc.

Day Date Time
Tue Jan 15 – Feb 5 1:30 – 3:30

Master Your Mac is a four-week workshop that will help you learn about your Mac and how to get the most from it and its applications. Each session will include presentations and demonstrations and will provide ample time for questions and discussion.

You will start by learning about your Mac’s basic features and tools — useful for helping new users get started and as a refresher for more experienced users. During the next four weeks, you will learn how to find and organize files, how to use Mac email, how to search the web, and how to create and share documents. You will learn how to effectively use the Finder, Spotlight, Siri, iCloud, and more.

Along the way, you will be given many tips that will make your Mac usage more enjoyable and productive. You will learn how to customize your Mac, how to maintain it and solve problems when they arise, and how to protect your computer and its information. Then, you will expand your skills by learning applications and techniques that will help you be more productive and have fun while doing it! You will learn how and when to use cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive and will learn how to automate repetitive tasks.

The final session will give you tips on creating a personal Knowledge Library that you can use for planning trips, serve as a repository of useful information, and house your digital estate inventory.

Lunch & Learn

Location: Senior Learners, Inc.

Day Date Time
Fri Feb 22 12:30 – 1:00
Fri Mar 22 12:30 – 1:00
Fri Apr 26 12:30 – 1:00

Why You Need A Digital Estate Plan

Almost without realizing it, we have shifted toward an all-digital culture, where things like family photos, home movies, and personal letters now exist only in digital form. Moreover, a growing part of our digital life is stored in services like FaceBook, Flickr, YouTube, and Gmail. Have you considered what will happen to your accounts and digital assets when you die? Whether you like it or not your digital assets have an afterlife.

It is important to create a plan so that your family and heirs will not be left with a mess should you die or get incapacitated. Without a plan, the executor of your estate may have difficulty tracking down accounts, extracting photos and other important information, and closing the accounts. Bring your own brown-bag lunch to this free event and learn more about this important topic.

Password Tips

Creating, managing, and remembering passwords is an unpleasant, but necessary part of our digital life. These are critical to our ability to access our many accounts from frivolous to financial, but we too often forget them. We also fall into traps like using the same one everywhere, using personal information and relying upon easily hacked passwords. In this free Lunch & Learn session you will learn about how to create safe, memorable passwords and how to use simple tools to safely manage them. Bring your own brown-bag lunch to this free event and learn more about passwords.

iPhone and iPad Tips and Apps

Most of us have incorporated our mobile devices into our daily lives and have become increasingly dependent upon them for much more than just communication. Some people are finding that their phones and tablets can replace their computers for many routine tasks. This Lunch & Learn session will provide you with a number of tips, recommendations, and suggestions for using your devices more effectively. The focus will be on Apple iPhones and iPads. Bring your own brown-bag lunch to this free event and get some useful tips.